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Putting independents on the map!

Sheffield Unchained Listings is the FIRST listings site exclusively for Sheffield independents and those looking to support them.


SU Listings is all about promoting independent people, places and organisations in Sheffield.

Helping you to find where those independents are and encouraging you to support independents instead of the big corporations which are generally easier to find.

We do that by listing all independents for FREE on our website and app. So anyone can use the website or app for FREE to find an independent simply by clicking on a map or searching in a category.

This is especially useful for visitors to Sheffield who would like to support independents but don’t know where they are and for new independents to make themselves known.


Why a listings website and app?


The problem?

We have been writing about Sheffield’s independents on Sheffield Unchained for the last two years and we have come across so many wonderful people, places and organisations.

During our discoveries we noticed that unless these independents are on the high street or have made themselves well known through social media or holding events etc, many of them are tucked away and are difficult to find.

The solution?

We have developed a listings website and app which will allow anyone in the city or those visiting the city to find an independent by simply searching on a map, in a category or for a keyword.

For example; if you’re looking for an independent coffee shop near you, you can find it on the app or website by searching for ‘cafes’ and all the independent coffee shops near you will appear on the map.

Or if you’d like to find an independent shop to buy a card or some clothes, you can search for it via the category search and all relevant shops will appear on the map and in a list.

What’s in it for you?

All Sheffield independents are listed on the SU Listings website and app for FREE and customers can download the app for FREE. The free listing includes the name of the independent, what type of independent it is and the location.

For those independents who take advantage of our Premium Listings we include a description of your choosing, your photos, a link to your website, contact details and discounts for customers, amongst other offers.


Are you an independent? Join SU Listings now!

If  you’d like to list your independent for FREE or become a Premium member of SU Listings please don’t hesitate to Contact SU Listings Now

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 Our Ethos:

Sheffield Unchained Listings aims to celebrate and promote independents that try as much as possible to:

  • Source their goods locally
  • Support fairtrade and ethical standards of supply
  • Invest in their local community
  • Support other independents